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“What are my parents doing all-day?” by Kristopher Bekkering offers a delightful exploration into the imaginative perceptions of children regarding their parents’ daily lives. As the first part of a four-part children’s series, the book taps into the wild and adventurous imaginations of youngsters as they ponder what happens behind the scenes of day-to-day parenting.Bekkering skillfully captures the essence of children’s curiosity, presenting it as an opportunity for parents to bond with their little ones. The narrative encourages parents to playfully explain the “method to their madness,” unveiling the responsibilities and methodologies that come with parenting. It’s a whimsical journey that not only entertains but also serves as an educational tool, helping children understand the foundational aspects of being an adult.The book’s charm lies in its recognition of the universal truth that children possess vivid imaginations. By addressing their imaginative perceptions, “What are my parents doing all-day?” becomes a bridge for communication between parents and children, fostering understanding and connection.Bekkering’s approach is both playful and insightful, making the book a valuable resource for parents seeking to engage with their children on the topic of adulthood. The notion of providing children with a jump start on understanding the important aspects of being an adult resonates as a forward-thinking and considerate approach in the ever-evolving world we find ourselves in.In a world where knowledge is power, this children’s series promises to be an enjoyable and educational tool for both parents and their little ones. “What are my parents doing all-day?” not only entertains with its whimsy but also serves as a catalyst for meaningful conversations about the responsibilities and joys of parenting.


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