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Q. Can you tell us about your journey as a writer? What inspired you to start writing?

My journey as a writer began in my childhood when I buried my nose in books and delved into different worlds. Even at a young age, I started crafting my own novels, which I initially shared only within my circle of friends. The enthusiastic reactions from my friends to the content and my writing style encouraged me to pursue my dream as a writer. I was convinced early on that writing would be a part of my life’s path. I always had in mind that my first published works would tell the story of my own extraordinary and diverse life. It’s close to my heart to share my experiences and adventures with others, taking them on a special journey.”

Q. How do you develop your characters? Do you draw inspiration from real-life people or create them entirely from your imagination?

The development of my characters greatly depends on the type of book I am working on. In my current book series, which is based on my own life story, the characters are real and existing individuals. These people have played important roles in my life. In my earlier novels that were never published, the characters, on the other hand, were entirely born from my imagination. In both cases, however, it is crucial for me that the characters are authentic and nuanced to make the stories vivid and compelling.”

Q. What is your typical writing process like? Do you follow a strict routine or write whenever inspiration strikes?

My writing process is greatly influenced by my inner inspiration and intuition. I start writing as soon as I feel a strong impulse or a particular idea emerges. There is no strict routine for me, as I believe creativity flows best when it’s not forced. I often jot down my thoughts and ideas in notes to ensure that important aspects make their way into my stories. Most of the time, I find my best writing moments during the late evening or nighttime, when the world is quieter. Then, I settle into my writing space, create a cozy atmosphere with soft lighting or even darkness, put on my headphones, and let music inspire me as I put my thoughts onto paper.”

Q. How do you handle writer’s block or moments when you feel stuck in your writing?

Fortunately, I’ve been lucky to avoid significant writer’s block so far. Once I dedicate myself to writing, I usually find my writing flow quite quickly. In such moments, I try to focus on my thoughts and ideas while minimizing distractions. I refrain from making corrections while writing, as it could disrupt my flow. Instead, I let my creativity flow and revise only when I’m satisfied with my writing process.”

Q. What role does research play in your writing? How do you approach the research process for your books?

So far, I haven’t had to conduct research as my books are based on real-life experiences and events. However, if I encounter topics in future books that require research, I would follow a structured approach. This would involve gathering information from reliable sources and making detailed notes to ensure that my portrayals are accurate and credible.”

Q. How important is the setting or location in your stories? Do you prefer using real places or creating fictional ones?

Since my books are based on real events and experiences in my life story, the places in my stories are also real and existent. I find that describing places accurately helps reinforce the reader’s authenticity and connection to the events.”

Q. Are there any particular themes or messages that you try to convey through your writing?

Through my writing, I aim to convey a message of strength, resilience, and positive transformation. My book ‘A Special Life – The story of a life’ narrates my own extraordinary life journey despite physical disabilities. My message is that even in the most challenging times, the power to face and conquer obstacles resides within us. I aspire to inspire that we can overcome our hurdles and fully embrace life, regardless of circumstances. Furthermore, I emphasize the significance of believing in oneself and unconditionally accepting who we are. I hope my readers find courage, hope, and the realization that we are all unique, capable of experiencing life’s richness, while also inspiring and touching others.”

Q. How do you handle criticism or negative reviews of your work? Do they affect your writing process or style?

“I don’t view criticism as an obstacle, but as a valuable opportunity for growth. In fact, constructive criticism motivates me to constantly improve. I believe it’s essential that critics remain fair and sincere, unaffected by personal emotions. Meaningful criticism serves as a guidepost that encourages all of us to work on our skills and evolve in a positive and empowered direction

Q. Can you share any memorable fan interactions or feedback that have impacted you as an author?

Every day, I receive a multitude of messages, and each one fills me with joy. Each of these interactions is uniquely special. Many of my readers share with me that they’ve read my book for the second or even third time, and each time, they’re moved by the profound emotions it evokes. Some mention that their thinking and perspective on life have shifted. Some have taken breaks to process what they’ve read, while others couldn’t put the book down due to its gripping nature. These responses are wonderful and show me the impact the first volume of my book has already made. I am deeply grateful for them.”

Q. Do you have any specific writing rituals or habits that help you stay focused and productive?

Two aspects could be considered my writing rituals. Firstly, I prefer to write in the evening and at night when the calmness and quietness enhance my focus. Secondly, music always accompanies me during my writing, acting as a source of inspiration that stimulates my creativity and productivity.”

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