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📚Love Therapy coloring book:📚It is one of a kind with ORIGINAL Quotes about Love.When you first see the cover, it’s bold and colorful like every human alive. The eyes are the windows to our soul, which leads to the content in the book.It carries original quotes about Love and our relationship to Love. They are intentionally meant to inspire the creativeness in you with the greatest energy of all time, Love. Each quote offers an opportunity to dive deeper into your interpretation of it, as you color them in.Consider Love Therapy coloring book an inspirational healing method. When coloring, it provides a quiet guidance as you allow your intuition to lead you to the colors. Colors that can reflect back to you what your Soul looks like.The Mandalas are chosen because they are known to be used for meditation purposes. They are meant to to colored from the center (your heart) outward (your body) As you color, all the energy of Love literally surrounds you. This is where the healing happens. Coloring is also therapeutic which is where the title of the book originates. They lend themselves to greater meaning of Love and our relationship to Love. It offers deeper thoughts and perspectives about Love. It is healing, revitalizing, rejuvenating and NECESSARY.Grab your:-

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